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Commemorate Your Pet With A Hand-Painted Pet Portrait!

Transforming your pets' photos into a memorable work of art that will exemplify your lovable companion forever.

Your pet is not just a pet; it's a part of your family; it's a part of your life! 

Do you have that favorite picture capturing the personality of your pet perfectly?  I offer a personalized portrait of your beloved family member whether they have fur, scales, or feathers! Using acrylic paints, I create a traditionally-styled portrait or a pop-art style portrait of your pet, each available in various sizes.

Pitbull Spideyyman with her pop art round portrait.
Artist Holding Painting of Bernese mountain dog in snow

Meet the Artist!

My name is Mike Lyngstad and I am a self taught artist who figured out how to combine my passion for art with my affinity for animals. I am the creative behind Collars on Canvas with the goal of turning your pets photo into a piece of art you can enjoy forever. 

To find out more about my story, check out a recent article from Voyage Phoenix I was given the chance to be featured in.  To hear more about me, and my family, go to the Meet the Artist page!

Pop art style and traditional style pet portraits.

Pick The Style!

There are two types of portraits available for purchase, each with their own varying sizes, you can pick the perfect pet portrait for your companion.

Traditional Style:

        Ranging from 8”x10” all the way to 3’x3’, a Traditional Style pet portrait can be a perfect fit for you. Starting at $199, your custom work of your uniquely beloved companion can be captured down to the smallest of details.

Pop Art Style:

       If you would like to capture their quirkiness and personality,  the pop art style is a great choice. From 12-inch rounds to 20-inch round canvas sizes, or from 8"x11" to 18"x24" sized squared portraits. Perfect for decorating a colorful room, or a surprise gift.

Yellow lab painting with american flag and Mickey mouse hat.

Hand-Painted With Care

Much attention is spent on portraying the pets personality and likeness in the photo. From facial expression to matching the fur color.

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