Information on Ordering

Background Color Theme

Acrylic pet Portraits

   Background color theme refers to the color your portrait will feature, for pop art the background is a solid color of your choice. For traditional portraits the background color you choose will be the theme of a mottled background, accenting the pet. 

   The option for "Coat Accent" refers to using the color of your pets hair to give a unifying look to the end portrait. Then there is always the artists choice option for the indecisive...or trusting! 

Style of Canvas

1 1/2 inch wide canvas pet portrait painting traditional style canvas

       Standard style portraits are the most frameworthy canvas if you want to beautifully highlight your painting with a traditional look. The canvas depth is 3/4" fitting most frames.

  • All pop art portraits come in this style although they required no frame.

       Gallery style is an option for some sizes, at a canvas depth of 1 1/2"inches it allows for a modern look that requires no frame. These portraits arrive ready to hang, and you save some money in the long run.

Original Background Portrait

Pet portrait man and his dog pastel art

For portraits with the original photos background contact us through email at

 An invoice will be sent back after photo is reviewed and price is determined. 

Additional Info

Belgian malinois painting pet portrait art acrylic.

Multiple Pets in Portrait

  • For multiple pets in the portrait select the appropriate charge for "additional subjects".
  • Only one pet allowed on the 12 inch and smaller  pop art portraits due to size restrictions.
  • To include people in the pet portrait, simply select "additional subjects" and choose quantity of added subjects.

Tips on Photographing Pet

Photo matches pets true color


Often when taking pictures of pets their fur color can be distorted with flash or not enough quality light. Try to take the picture in natural light, such as outside or by a window during the day. 

Focus is clear, not fuzzy or too far way


Make sure the picture is focused on the face and chest of the pet. A good reference photo will show detail in the pets fur, allowing for optimal detail when painting.  

Take photo from pets level


Take the photo crouching or laying down to get on the pets level. Get the pet in the center of the photo, for close up shots center the head profile of the pet.