Meet the Artist

Mikey lyngstad the artist of collars on canvas.

Portraits by a Michael Lyngstad

Welcome pet parents and art enthusiasts! I am a self taught artist with an affinity for pets of all kinds. I live in Phoenix, Arizona with my wife Ashley and our son Ronin. We have three spoiled dogs, Lilahs the Chihuaha mix, as well as Rita and Harley who are Shar Pei Lab mixes. 

     My passion for art and animals came at an early age. From my first family dog Bonita, to taking care of bearded dragons and other reptiles as a kid into adulthood. I started painting pets in 2014 in pastel chalk and moved on to acrylic portraits after a year. The bold and bright acrylic colors made for an ideal medium for my pet portraits. I strive to make each portrait a unique piece of art that reflects the animals personality. 

Michael's three dogs.

Lilah, Rita, and Harley

Ronin Jay

Ronin Jay